Airbus - Engineering testimonial


Airbus - Engineering testimonial

The advanced 3D printing industry is crowded with fanatics and engineers. Within this group of 3D print enthusiasts, the core group is always willing to go the extra mile. And they have the drive to keep improving and the will to stay ahead of like-minded makers.

Meet Thiago Medeiros Araujo, who can be described as a real 3D printing fanatic. He is often looking for the next best thing and not afraid to take a leap in the dark. Being an early adapter gives you the advantage of staying ahead.

Advanced technology

Thiago is Consultant Research Engineer for Airbus Group Innovations and founder of Freeform Printing LTD. As a result he is actively involved in creating advanced technology for aeronautics, space and defence related services.

As R&D Manager he is responsible for Additive Manufacturing of Polymeric and Composite materials. And with a selected group of partners he is working on development of new materials. These can be used in the ALM process to fullfil high-end applications in aeronautics, defence and space industries.

Leapfrog familiar

Already well known with the printers of Leapfrog through the Creatr HS, Thiago has been following Leapfrog for quite a long time.  When the Bolt hit the market he quickly obtained one of the first machines.

The Bolt is interesting for him because it offered the special system of Independent Dual Extruders. And advanced software features increase the applications of this system. Mirror mode and Sync mode give the Bolt an advantages compared to his other 5 printers. Resulting in perfect alignment of the needs of his costumers.

Multi material control

Most FDM desktop printers also print mainly PLA. The Leapfrog Bolt provides a much wider use of materials with the Independent Dual Extruders with Direct Drive. The Independent Dual Extruders - or IDEX - give the user better dual material printing capabilities. Direct Drive provides for a high amount of control over the type of filament loaded. This is all powered by the latest User Interface giving the user an intuitive and efficient workflow.

the advanced Bolt 3D Printer for engineers The most advanced printer on the market. The Bolt.

Qualities engineers like

Their production process is typically characterised as short term. The parts created are highly innovative and the production batches are small. ‘Leapfrog offers a printer that is ideal for productivity and quality of simple 3D printed parts’.  Thiago's Bolt was one of the first of production and consequently there was some early stage issues. However, they perceive the Bolt as an cutting edge and advanced FDM printer very suitable for engineers.

Thiago's opinion of the Bolt was that it is user friendly. Calibration of the print head and bed is easy to operate and the prints come out as they should with the desired quality.


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