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Founded in 2012, Leapfrog was one of the first 3D printer manufacturers to offer a plug-and-play device. Growing explosively from day one, Leapfrog has always aimed to be at the forefront of technology by offering more advanced products than the competition.


Our mission is to be world leaders in professional 3D printing systems by continually exceeding customer expectations. We work with the pioneers of change across industries who want to make this happen. Our solutions are reliable, easy to use and beautifully designed.

Leapfrog 3D printers mission

Why Leapfrog

Our vision is to empower creation. We accelerate innovation and revolutionize manufacturing by providing the technology that transforms ideas into reality. Leapfrog is part of the Color Control Group, a privately owned group of companies with 50 years of experience in the flexographic printing industry. With a young, multinational and dedicated team, we are always focused on innovation.

Product portfolio

Bolt Pro

Leapfrog's flagship 3D printer, designed to offer reliable and easy 3D printing. Bolt Pro prints fast, precisely and with multiple industrial-grade materials.


Large scale industrial 3D printer, with a build volume of 610 Liters. The XceL is one of the biggest 3D printers in the world and so far the most affordable.


One of the first Leapfrog 3D printer, newly designed with advanced features like dual extruders and heated chamber.


Consumer industrial group

Bridging the divide

Professional grade 3D printing solution offering industry leading features that tackle the gap between consumer 3Dprinting solutions and industrial 3D printers

Product timeline


How we do it

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Engineering History

Leapfrog leverages the decades of engineering experience from its sister company, AV Flexologic which is the market leader in its segment in the flexographic printing industry

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Focus on Innovation

Leapfrog ensures that our 3D printers feature the latest technology, but also to go beyond standard to provide solutions allow businesses to utilise 3D printing to its maximum capabilities.

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Manufacturing Excellence

Using the engineering experience, our printers are manufactured using the latest methods to ensure reliability and maximum quality