3D printed guitar playing at Pinkpop

Photo by Brightlands

Pinkpop is one of the biggest festivals in the Netherlands that will take place this week on the 8th, 9th, and 10th in Landgraaf. The Pinkpop festival will last for three days bringing new artists, new genres, and many surprises.

The festival will be celebrating its 50th-anniversary surprising people with an incredible 3D printed guitar. The body of this guitar was printed on our Bolt Pro 3D Printer by OMD3D. This 3D printed guitar was designed by the guitarist Lars Ickenroth, representing Pinkpop festival with a pink guitar. The guitar was named the Firecaster. This instrument will be played by the band Mt Atlas on Saturday at the festival.


The inside of the guitar is printed in a DSM carbon/PA, carbon is used for 3D models because it gives the 3D model a maximum strength. The 3D printed guitar process consisted of applying a filler coating on the guitar, this is done to smooth out any rough edges in the model.

After coating and sanding the guitar, it was painted in three different colours and was finished with 10 coats of clear varnish. Sanding is used on the 3D model to get rid of any material leftover and create a more refined model.

It is also possible to 3D print instruments by using different materials such as PLA plastic and FDM. Using this 3D printing technology is helpful to create good quality and customizable products. 3D printing technology does not affect the instrument’s look and sound, it is possible to reach the same instrumental sound like the traditional instrument.

The 3D printing market is continuously growing. This technology is often being used by industries such as education, medical, engineering, automotive, and architecture. These industries use 3D printers to reduce cost and lead time and to increase productivity.

It is becoming more popular because a printer is able to print models within a few hours. Also, a 3D printer is able to use a variety of materials giving more options for people to print. Using this technology allows producing lighter and stronger end products.

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