3D Printing: Which Industries Benefit the Most

Many industries have already adopted 3D printing for its manufacturing solutions and other benefits. These solutions and benefits help you lower your costs, increase productivity and change the way you test your ideas.

Main benefits of 3D printing

Allows you to quickly test your ideas

It can take months for engineers, architects, designers and educators to create concepts and test models in the traditional way. 3D printing; however, helps to print city skylines, material for restoration, and houses in few days or even hours.

Continual designs

With traditional ways of manufacturing, fixing mistakes takes a long time and it is difficult to fix or reconstruct structures. With 3D printing, just one algorithm can make changes to your design and test different ideas. As a result, you can make professional parts without wasting time and money.

Real materials and real parts

3D printing allows you to work with real materials. There are a wide variety of materials with which you can 3D print from ABS, PLA, nylon, brick and wood. This allows you to test and 3D print a wide variety of products, which are applicable in various industries.

Hands-on learning

3D printing gives you a lot of flexibility. For example educators can let students actively think about what they are learning in the classroom. Fully functional models of for example the human body can help teach students more effectively since they have a better vision of the parts and they can also physically touch them.

Saving costs

3D printing enables direct and indirect cost-savings and this is probably one of the biggest advantages of 3D printing. The costs for making a prototype can be reduced from $300-$1000 to just $2-$10 per part. The initial cost of buying a 3D printer can be high, depending on which printer you choose for. However, cheap materials and saved time can quickly provide a return on your investment.

Which industries benefit the most from 3D printing?


3D printing in education allows students to print and test their designs. They can also see what changes or improvements need to be done. This way they can learn through trial and error since it only takes a little time and money to adjust the design. This can help enhance their learning.

education and 3d printing


3D printers in medical care allow doctors to practice before the operation. It is possible to 3D print an organ that looks very life-like. This way, doctors can practice the operation on that organ before the actual operation. Furthermore, 3D printing allows to print drugs, which means that medicine is adapted to each individual. Therefore, if you are allergic to something, that ingredient can be taken out of the medicine.


3D printing can help create molds that are more durable and resistant to high pressure and temperatures. Furthermore, with a very high resolution and a small layer thickness, it is possible to create perfect teeth.

3d Printed Teeth With The Leapfrog Xeed


Engineers can use 3D printing to design or make prototypes. Moreover, the materials for 3D printing are stronger and more resistant so you can print parts that are fully functionable.


3D printing allows architects bring their vision and design to life. It also allows them to combine form and function and create something completely new and unique. Therefore, with 3D printing, it is possible to quickly create a tangible model. 3D printing also gives you the freedom in designing an object.

Leapfrog Bolt Pro Architects estimonial


Leapfrog 3D Printer Bolt Pro Responsive UI Ligtht Status Indication

The Bolt PRO 3D Printer is a great machine for these industries because it is an industrial machine, built for performance and reliability.

It features INDEPENDENT DUAL EXTRUDERS, which increase your production speed by 200%!

It also has ADVANCED HOTENDS, which means it can reach a temperature of up to 360°C and this makes it possible to print high temperature materials.

Its DIRECT DRIVE system controls the filament close to the nozzle and this enables optimal control.

Next, it features a FULL ENCLOSURE, which gives you more control when it comes to advanced materials as well as improves the consistency of built parts.

Lastly, there are a wide variety of materials Bolt PRO can print with from ABS, PLA, Engineering PLA, Nylon, Hybrid, Wood and Brick.

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