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Colors and shapes, endless possibilities!

Use certified Leapfrog 3D Printers filament for the best 3D printing results and the health of your printer.

3D printing news


Intermold 2014 is one of the most famous exhibitions in the field of die and mold. It is held in Intex Osaka, Japan, from April 16th to 19th 2014. The exhibition will provide companies with the best opportunities to procure … read more…


This weekend it’s Easter: cheer up your table with these wonderful printed egg cups! One looks like a rocket, the other is elegantly twisted. Happy printing! You can download the stl-files for free from this website: http://studio-stout.com/3d-printer/

Capturing the benefits of 3D printing


Our 3D printers are used by educational institutes from all over the world and are a great tool to teach students about the possibilities and limitations of their designs. The Educational Store contains more information on the added value of 3D printing for education. In combination with a Creatr 3D printer the store offers a free elementary- and high school curriculum.

Visit the Educational Store.

Rapid prototyping

One of the main advantages of 3D printing is the ability to bring your product ideas to life and see whether they work out in practice. Our printers bring this solution to a wide range of customers: from engineers, plane- and car manufacturers to architects, artists and other product designers, they all use 3D printing to test if their designs come out the way they were intended.

Manufacturing of research objects, (spare) parts and customized products

3D printing allows you to produce your own customized designs that are completely tailored to your specific purpose. Medical researchers use our printers to develop heart chambers, bone structures and more to aid their research. Manufacturers use them to make tools like wrenches, inbus keys and to produce (spare)parts like screws and bolts.

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