Delivery & return policy


LeapfrogTM will endeavour to deliver or activate the Product within thirty (30) days of order acceptance. If multiple Products are ordered, LeapfrogTM reserves the right to deliver or activate each Product separately.
Products will be delivered either to your delivery address or possession, or electronically. The risk of loss or damage to the Products will pass to you at the moment the Products leave the Leapfrog warehouse.
If you refuse or neglect to take delivery of the Products, LeapfrogTM reserves the right to charge you up to the full order value.

If delivery to you should fail for any reason outside of LeapfrogTM’s control, LeapfrogTM reserves the right to cancel the purchase agreement and refund any money paid.
If LeapfrogTM delivers a Product or an amount of a Product that you did not order or activates a Product on your device by mistake, you shall immediately inform LeapfrogTM of its mistake by email via info@lpfrg.com and you shall, at LeapfrogTM’s request, immediately arrange for the return of the Product (the costs of which shall be met by LeapfrogTM), de-install or destruct the Product.
Acceptance of a non-ordered Product or amount of a Product does not relieve you from acceptance and payment of the Product you initially ordered, unless otherwise agreed with LeapfrogTM.


All requests for refunds or repairs are subject to inspection by LeapfrogTM of the returned item. LeapfrogTM will issue refunds through a bank transfer. If you choose to return any Hardware, you must contact LeapfrogTM during the fourteen (14) business days following receipt by email via info@lpfrg.com to obtain a Return Materials Authorization number and return the Hardware in its original packaging, free of all interests, liens, or claims otherwise, to the address provided by LeapfrogTM. LeapfrogTM will not issue any refunds in response to requests made more than fourteen (14) business days following receipt of the item. LeapfrogTM will only accept returns on items purchased directly from the LeapfrogTM store. During receipt of the goods at the Leapfrog warehouse Leapfrog will perform inspection of the goods. If the goods are badly packed (e.i. the packaging looks like damage to the product could have occurred during shipment), goods are altered or wrong amounts are shipped, Leapfrog withholds the right to reject the shipment.

All shipping costs related to warranty repair or refund scenarios are to be borne by the customer.

If the item has not been opened, LeapfrogTM will refund the purchase price actually paid minus shipping and handling charges maximum 60 days after receipt of the goods at Leapfrog’s warehouse. The handling charges (e.i. ‘restocking fee’) can be up to 20% of the total invoice value and will be determined by the sole discretion of Leapfrog after receipt of the Goods.

If the item has been opened and/or altered, LeapfrogTM will charge a fee up to the full order amount in addition to shipping and handling charges to retrieve the products to Leapfrog warehouse.

LeapfrogTM will not issue refunds for products that have been defaced, altered, used, or damaged in any way.

Purchases of Software may be cancelled in accordance with clause 5(a) provided that the seal has not been broken nor tie wraps are cut losse. Downloading, installing or activating Software are all considered as breaking the seal.
You agree that the supply of Services by LeapfrogTM will commence immediately on LeapfrogTM’s acceptance of your purchase order or placed order via the website. You will not be able to cancel the purchase agreement after supply of the Services commences.
All sales of products sold as Refurbished are final and cannot be returned, refunded or altered in any way.