What is Volkswagen using the Leapfrog 3D Printers for?

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Volkswagen Autoeuropa is an automotive assembly plant manufacturing Volkswagen Eos, Scirocco, and Sharan. The company has a yearly output of over 110.000 machines and they use 3D printing to revolutionize and enhance their production and workflow.

Why did we choose Leapfrog’s Bolt 3D Printer?

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Volkswagen was in search of a 3D printing solution that offered them the ability to work with various flexible materials for their development department. They were satisfied with the Bolt Pro due to its ability to print with over 16 different materials which are constantly being expanded with each update period. 

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The Bolt Pro has a print dimension of 330 x 320 x 205 which is over 21.6L which gives Volkswagen the flexibility to print objects of various sizes. This is especially important in the product development stage which doesn’t limit them when prototyping various parts and objects without having to make major compromises. 

Volkswagen Dual Extruder System

The third highly advantageous feature that Volkswagen was searching for in a profession 3D printer is a Dual Independent Extruder system. With this feature, the Bolt Pro can print two objects at once, or in a mirror mode meaning this cuts printing time when multiple models are required during the printing process. This feature sets apart the Bolt Pro apart from other printing solutions due to the fact that lead times are greatly decreased. 

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What is Volkswagen Autoeuropa using the Leapfrog 3D Printers for?

  • Serial tool production in their production line. They have inserted 3D printing into their assembly process throughout the whole production line.

Examples of 3D printed tools used on the assembly line:

  • 3D printed spacers for mounting the windscreen
  • 3D printed gadgets for measuring and mounting the car’s emblem or other so that it is correctly centred
  • Protection aids – while mounting the rims on the new cars they use a multi-material 3D printed gadget with springs to protect and avoid scratches on the rims
  • Different covers/adjustments for their other tools – e.g. cover for their electrical screwdrivers so that they don’t damage other parts while assembly takes place
  • There is an internal code colour for 3D printed tools (green printed parts are for the left side and red for the right side)
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