Bolt Pro 3D Printer

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De Bolt Pro is een industriële machine, niet een gadget, gebouwd om te presteren en betrouwbaar langdurig te blijven 3D printen. Door de geavanceerde specificaties wordt 3D printen mogelijk in veel verschillende materialen. Door de bouw is de Bolt Pro geschikt voor kantoor of industriële omgeving.


  • Uniek en geavanceerd FDM 3D print systeem
  • Industriële kwaliteit print bed
  • Slimme User Interface

Inbegrepen bij de Bolt Pro 3D Printer

  • Slicer software - Simplify3D
  • Print bed toebehoren - 3DLac of stickers
  • 'Quick Start Guide'
  • Leapfrog USB stick



Bekijk specificatiesLees gebruik ervaringen


“The Bolt was analyzed as the best machine for printing flexible materials due to the direct drive system”.

"We requested a few samples to be made with the Bolt PRO and we were very pleased with the results" (Rez Manzoori BEng(Hons) CEng MRAeS).

"We chose the printer because it is a professional 3D printer at an attractive price" (Mike Davoli - Application Engineer & Christian Krumm - Laser Division Manager).

Specificaties Every little detail, yes, really everything


  • Layer height (micron) 50 - 350
  • Layer height (micron) 50 - 350
  • Positioning precision DW: 8 microns, H: 10 microns
  • Positioning precision (imperial) DW: 0.00032 inch, H: 0.00039 inch
  • Extruder / nozzle diameter (mm) 0.35
  • Extruder / nozzle diameter (IN) 0.014
  • Operation heated bed temperature 90 °C
  • Heated printing environment No
  • Heated printing environment (Imperial) No


  • Weight (kg) 64
  • Weight (lbs) 140
  • Body / Construction Aluminium Framework
  • Printer dimensions DxWxH (mm) 723 x 831 x 801
  • Printer dimensions DxWxH (IN) 28.5 x 32.7 x 31.5


  • Printing speed (mm/s) 100
  • Printing speed (IN/s) 4
  • Max. flow rate (mm³/s) 6
  • Travel speed (mm/s) 250
  • Travel speed (IN/s) 10


  • Max build volume (liter) 21.6
  • Max build volume (gall.) 4.8
  • Max print dimensions single extruder (x,y,z) (mm) 330 x 320 x 205
  • Max print dimensions single extruder (x,y,z) (IN) 13.0 x 12.6 x 8.1
  • Max print dimensions dual extruder (x,y,z) (mm) 300 x 320 x 205
  • Max print dimensions dual extruder (x,y,z) (IN) 11.8 x 12.6 x 8.1


  • CE Certified Ja
  • Dual Extruder Yes
  • Built-in Webcam Ja


  • Nozzle temperature (up to) 265 or optional 360 °C
  • Nozzle temperature (up to, Imperial) 509 or optional 680 °F
  • Compatible filaments (detail page) All Leapfrog Maxx Essentials and Leapfrog Maxx Pro



Definitely one of the best printers we’ve ever tested.


The Bolt is a powerful device with industrial mechanics and proved to be easy to use in the test.

[translated from german]


What I enjoyed most were the two independent extruders, the air filter and the good print quality when printing with ABS and many other materials.