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ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a strong popular filament that is used widely for 3D printing parts. It has strong material properties which produce parts with high impact, high-temperature resistance. Having these qualities however does make it a little harder to print with than some other filaments, but our printers come with a heated bed that ensures the filament is constantly heated to ensure prints adhere to the bed and print to specifications.

Printing tips

Temperature: ABS is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations during the printing process. It often cracks or warps as different layers cool differently. To ensure this issue is mitigated, our printers come with an enclosure system and heated bed to produce better results.

Sunlight: Direct sunlight over long periods can degrade the quality of the printed object so store ABS parts away from UV sources.

Heat Resistant

Impact Resistant




Extrusion temperature

±230 ºC

Bed Temperature

Bed temperature

± 90 ºC

Filament Weight

Weight (kg)


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Layer Bonding

Layer bonding


Bolt Xeed

Suitable for

Bolt Pro, Xeed


Filament diameter (mm)



Visual Prototypes

Visual Prototypes

ABS is a material that is already used widely, not only in the 3D printing world. One example is Lego blocks which are produced with ABS filament. For visual prototypes it is a viable material that can offer great parts that can showcase the desired printed object. Its visual qualities can also be improved by using finishers like acetone, painting or sanding to smoothen the surface offering a great gloss, therefore achieving the desired aesthetic.

Functional Prototypes

Functional Prototypes

Offering great mechanical properties such as heat resistance, durability, impact resistance and wear resistance means that ABS is great for functional parts. Due to its quality and durability, ABS produce parts like gears that will last longer if properly stored.

Injection Molds

Functional Prototypes

ABS is also a popular plastic that is used to create injection moulds for production parts. It can also be used to create prototypes of moulds to ensure that mistakes are rectified before actual production. Due to its ease and the cost of creating standard moulds, ABS moulds are a great method to bridge the gap between prototyping and the production of actual end use moulds for any organization.


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Due to its durability, ABS is also used in the production of tooling, jigs and fixtures inside organizations. Using 3D printing, parts can be cost effectively produced, designed and used within an organization. Iterations can be easily made by giving organizations the agile abilities in their day to day operations.