Tech Sleeves - Engineering Testimonial


Tech Sleeves - Engineering Testimonial

3 benefits for the Flexo-industry with large 3D prints

Today’s manufacturing industry is in a constant struggle in order to optimize its costs, production times and flow in order to keep up with the increasing demands of the market. Reducing expenses and rethinking production parameters don’t always bring the wanted results. But what if there’s more?

20 years of work in 12 months

Tech Sleeves a large company in the Flexo industry situated in the Netherlands supplied their first 3D printed light weight sleeve adapters. During a year they tested and optimized their products and reduced the weight by 50%. They practically managed to do 20 years of work in only 12 months.

Taking in consideration the fact that Tech Sleeves has products that are customer-specific, each sleeve or bridge is custom-made - 3D printing seems to be the right solution for them.

Demand for a new 3D printer

One problem Tech Sleeves had is that the objects they wanted to print are usually bigger then any commercial 3D printer available - 2.2 meters (86″) in length and diameters up to 430 mm (17”). Leapfrog 3D printers provided a solution by designing and building the XceL industrial 3D Printer.

3 Large benefits

Tech Sleeves then managed to create an unique business model that relies on 3 key features made possible only with 3D printing and the help of Leapfrog’s XceL.

1. Customization – having to deal with customer specific products, each sleeve or bridge that goes into their machines has to be custom made; at this moment 3D printing is the most efficient tool to use for such demands offering ideal costs and time;
2. Weight reduction – with the parts now created with the help of the XceL, the company discovered another advantage – the weight is considerably lower than before – reducing manipulation issues and creating a more reliable machine;
3. Improved performance – both the costs and time of production are now at optimal values not only for the company but also for the final client;


Many advantages

3D printing is becoming an alternative for an increasing number of other industries. It delivers instant value, reduces expenses and time and offers incredible versatility and customization opportunities. As more and more companies integrate 3D printing into their development strategies incredible results will start to appear.

Do you think your current business or idea could get great benefits of the large 3D printing possibilities the Leapfrog XceL can give? We are always willing to any question so contact our sales team anytime.

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