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  • Bolt Pro 3D Printer

    The Bolt offers the latest technology and innovation Leapfrog 3D Printers has developed. Multi-platform software, high-grade hardware and technology, designed to make 3D printing easier, faster and more reliable.
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3D printers

The Leapfrog desktop 3D printer is the perfect tool to bring prototypes and functional models to life. Previously, this process lasted for weeks or months, but now the Leapfrog dual extruder 3D printer will help you to get the desired result within just a few hours. Our 3D printers are supported by reliable Creatr Software powered by Materialise. Partly due to our good service, the Leapfrog three-dimensional printer is used by respected professionals in sectors such as architecture, engineering, education, science, medical and designers.

Leapfrog aims to design and produce printers that give you the ultimate 3D printing experience. No other printer in this price range gives you such a comprehensive and competitively priced 3D printer experience.

With one of our printers you’ll get a powerful printer in your office, lab, classroom or just at home. Are you interested to buy one of our 3D printers? Below we will briefly describe our strengths and provide an overview of the Leapfrog 3D printer family, so that we may help you with your choice.

Join the Dual extruder 3D printing experience

The main advantage of a dual extruder three-dimensional printer is that it will allow you to print different colors or soluble support material in one single print job. Different colors will benefit your design, and printing with soluble material allows complex designs with overhanging points to be printed.

10 Micron 3D printer

The affordable and professional Xeed three-dimensional printer enables engineers, designers, architects and researchers to make high-quality prints. This 10 micron 3D printer has a controlled heated space, allowing different materials to be used, so that strong and beautiful 3D prints can be obtained.

Stand alone & construction volume

Did you know that you can also upload your STL files via an USB stick? In that case, your laptop or computer needs not be connected to your printer. Staying mobile and printing at the same time: modern technology gives you all the opportunities to do your job.

Furthermore, our 3D printers have one of the largest construction volume in their segment. For example, the HS Creatr has a fantastic construction volume of 13.6 liter and gives you the possibility to print out objects with a length of 28 centimeters.

High Speed

The Leapfrog Creatr HS Series is designed for speed. With it's 300 mm per second printing speed and a low loss of accuracy and quality, your Leapfrog 3D printer is the HST among the 3D printers.

The Leapfrog 3D family

The Leapfrog 3D printers are designed to make printing possible for anyone. Of course we take into account different needs and purposes relating to your 3D printer. Are you looking for a suitable printer to support your hobby, or do you want to deploy an excellent printer for business use? Both purposes are perfect reasons to buy a three-dimensional printer, but they do require different specifications. For more information about our printers, please see the specific product pages. Below we we will identify the unique characteristics of our printer collection:

Creatr - Creatr XL 2014Web

What began as a graduation project, finally became one of the most fast growing startups in the Netherlands. The Creatr '14 is our entry-level printer, which we would describe as very suitable for affordable and reliable 3D printing.

Creatr HS - Creatr HS XLWeb

The right device if you want to create bigger, faster and stronger 3D prints. The Creatr HS is our flagship and because of its rugged construction, it is also called the tank among the 3D printers. The printer is fast and gives you the ultimate 3D feeling! There is no other three-dimensional printer on the market (in this segment), which is as complete as the Creatr HS. When you want to think bigger, the Creatr HS XL is the perfect printer tool for you! Think big, act fast! All the benefits of a Creatr HS, plus Extra Large 3D printing!



Professional and affordable 3D printing with the Xeed is now available for everyone. 10 Micron 3D printing in a controlled heated environment is finally within reach! Print now with professional and high quality at an affordable price!


Print the biggest prints you can think of! Equipped a life size build volume and the tech from the Xeed, like Auto Bed levelling. Every project becomes possible and find new opportunities with this large and professional 3D printer.



The Bolt is the most advanced printer you can get. With features like Independent Dual Extruders and Multi Platform User Interface. This machine is easy to use for Education purposes and suitable for engineering due to it's high-grade parts and build.


Bolt PRO



The Bolt Pro is an industrial 3D printer that was built as a long term reliable additive manufacturing solution. The machine has features like Independent Dual Extruders and the Swappable bed that are focused on productivity and flawless User Experience.