Top 5 brands using the Bolt PRO 3D Printer for business

Bolt Pro 3D printer, Leapfrog

Opinion leaders and manufacturing disruptors have found 3D printing of great use in their industries. Let’s look at 5 examples of how established brands are using the BOLT PRO 3D PRINTER to their advantage. You will learn about the possibilities and ideas to inspire you to see how your business can benefit from the BOLT PRO 3D PRINTER.


Rolls-Royce, the worldwide known manufacturer of automobiles, searched for an additive manufacturing solution in their production process.  After analyzing the options available on the market they decided to purchase a Bolt Pro mainly because of its independent dual extrudersfull enclosureprint qualityprice, and innovation.

Rolls Royce, 3D printing, Bolt Pro 3D printer, Leapfrog


Volkswagen AutoEuropa, another famous manufacturer of automobiles, uses 3D printing for serial tool production in their construction line. Bolt Pro 3D printer accompanies the assembly process throughout the whole production line from printing spacers for mounting the windscreen to printing a cover for their electrical screwdrivers. Bolt Pro serves to enhance the production and workflow due to its ability to print flexible materials (common plastics in the automotive industry), large build volume, an independent dual extruder system, and reliability.

Volkswagen, Leapfrog, 3D printing



When talking about airplane producers, one of the names that come into one’s mind is Airbus, the world-leading manufacturer of aircraft. Unsurprisingly, they have noticed the versatility of 3D printers, and use it in their business model. Engineers in the aerospace industry need 3D printers for their short-term production process and quick prototyping solutions. Bolt Pro 3D Printer helps them create innovative parts and produce small batches.

Airbus, 3D printing, Leapfrog


Rollomatic specializes in designing and manufacturing high-precision CNC machines and robotics. Although the company is working with subtractive manufacturing, they found it important to apply additive manufacturing, combining processes for delivering the best possible results. Bolt Pro helps Rollomatic in their serial tool production for Humanoid Robots, for instance, grippers and feelers and also for one-off parts and customized prototypes. Rollomatic trusts Leapfrog for several reasons; attractive price, clean design and support team.

Rollomatic, 3D printing, Leapfrog
Rollomatic, Robot, 3D printing, Leapfrog, Bolt Pro 3D printer


The company producing footwear gives high importance to the continuous development of new products. To achieve this one of their solutions is to use our 3D Printer in their prototyping department. The large build volume of the 3D printer helps to create prototypes that can be tested for improvement. In addition, it can print with many different types of material, including flexible plastic, which is extremely important in developing footware.

Crocs, Leapfrog
Crocs, Leapfrog, Bolt Pro 3D printer

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