Why Rollomatic chose the Bolt Pro to make Humanoid Robots

Rollomatic is a private Swiss company, which specializes in designing and manufacturing high-precision CNC machines. These machines are used for production grinding of cutting tools, cylindrical grinding and laser cutting of very hard materials.

Why did Rollomatic trust Leapfrog’s 3D Printers?


Robotic rollomatic lpfrg

The Bolt Pro was designed to offer up industrial grade 3D printing features at a competitive price. It bridges the gap between consumer based products and the high expensive industrial sized machines while still maintaining a price that is cost effective for businesses.


Every element in the machine, from the enclosure to the cabinet was designed to have a purpose. The enclosure was not only to reduce noise but also to ensure safety for the user. When operating with filaments that require high temperatures to melt, some may produce fumes which can cause discomfort in an office environment. The Bolt Pro includes high-quality HEPA filters to eliminate this issue and additionally the enclosure acts as a method to reduce temperature changes that affect the printing process.


“Furthermore, Leapfrog 3D Printers provide a great support team”.
Mike Davoli – Application Engineer

“The support response we have experienced has been exceptional. We received on-site service at our HQ in Switzerland. There was also a continuous and professional follow-up from the support team. No doubt, your team gave us a very good service and the ticket system seems to work very well”.

Leapfrog strives to always ensure we can offer the best support to all our customers. We provide support to all manner of issues that users will face and we work hard to rectify any issues as soon as possible.

What is Rollomatic’s overall experience with Leapfrog’s products and services? 

Rollomatic Robot NEXTAGEE

Would Rollomatic recommend Leapfrog’s Bolt PRO?

“Absolutely, we would definitely highly recommend the Bolt PRO. It is suitable for any company that wants to prototype and produce parts quickly without having to spend a lot of money on an SLS printer”.

Leapfrog Bolt Pro 3D printer

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