Modern teaching with online courses

Teaching for 3D printers has been possible for quite a while with 3D printers using our Hard Copy curriculum (see the below for more information). But we have online courses as well! These are regularly updated to keep providing you with actual information. Learning on a computer should be easy and fun and the online courses has been fitted with practical’s and short quizzes along the lessons.

Teach with free online courses

The online courses are free. This means that you and your students won’t have any additional costs to start learning. No more outdated books, or starting a lecture when your students have forgotten their books.


Teacher plan

The online courses Introduction and Education are suitable for education purposes. Leapfrog has created a teacher plan to efficiently start teaching. The teacher’s plan has information about what to prepare for each class and gives a clear example of how to divide each class.

The Bolt Pro in your classroom

Using a 3D printer in the middle of a classroom can get hectic. The Bolt Pro user interface uses different user profiles to keep a more structured use of this machine. Some users can have admin rights, where other can only start or stop a print.

Suitable for the classroom

User friendly comes not only with great software, but also with excellent hardware. A machine must be able to resist the use of many different users, advanced and beginning.

Build for safety

Most 3D printer have a lot of movable part visible and in reach. The Bolt Pro has full enclosure of the build volume. So when the Bolt Pro is printing, the door can be closed and all moving parts will be out of reach, without obstructing the visibility.

Build for reliability

The whole structure of the Bolt Pro has been hidden underneath the white casing. This structure is made of thick sheet metal and high-grade engineered parts. As a result, it is durable and strong, weighs enough to prevent unintentional pushes or shoves to keep the classroom safe and stable.

Clean filtered air

Closing the build volume provides for a controlled exhaust of air from the Bolt Pro. Some materials can generate fumes which can be unpleasant or slightly harmful in large number. The Bolt is fitted with an Activated HEPA Carbon Filter, with filters 99.9% of the air that passed through.

Easy to use software

Creating the User Interface has played a vital role in the development of this 3D printer. We have looked at other similar operating systems and tested what a user expects. This has created a intuitive software which makes senses to beginning and experienced users.

Assisting software

With the user in mind, the User Interface helps you use the Bolt Pro. It can help you the machine to keep it in good condition with maintenance. And it warns you when the printer is going to move parts which could possibly harm you, or you print.

Multi platform software

Of course using the User Interface comes natural as well on the big 7 inch touchscreen. And you can control or upload prints directly. Connect the Bolt Pro to your local network through wifi or a cable, to access it with your phone, tablet or computer. Use the built-in webcam to monitor the current state of your print. And automatically create a timelapse to view afterwards how your print went and what might be done differently.


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3D printing lesson plans - hard copy

Primary Education (10 to 12 yrs)

This curriculum allows children and their teachers to first become familiar with 3D printing. In this lesson plan (14 lessons in total), children acquire the skills they need to generate input for a 3D printer as well as to operate it.

The lessons are divided in an orientation phase, in which children learn how to operate the different software programs that operate the printer and that generate 3D printable files. And a transfer phase, in which the children are applying their skills. The lesson plan touches upon pre-existing knowledge from history, vocabulary, technical, biology and creative lessons. The lesson plan is made and tested in a partnership with Dutch primary school ‘t Palet from The Hague.

High Schools (13 to 18 yrs)

Besides focusing on the skills needed to operate a 3D printer and to generate 3D printable content, this lesson plan (consisting of 3 lessons) focuses on the practical (business) applications of 3D printing. It covers the more advanced 3D printing techniques as creating support structures, using infill and printing with different temperatures. This lesson plan is made in collaboration with Dutch high school Jacobus Fruytiercollege in Apeldoorn.

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The essence of 3D printing for Teachers

As 3D printing is changing our worlds, Leapfrog 3D Printers committed itself to provide our next generation with adequate knowledge and experience to use this new disruptive technique. Kids will learn to solve problems through physical prototyping in an early stage of their development. Their mind set will change as they will learn to embrace failure as these failed prototypes allow them to improve their designs quickly.

Affordable education

Leapfrog 3D Printers is partnering up with educational institutes of all levels to prepare our kids for the future. Schools will need affordable printers to be able to make this happen and that is where desktop 3D printing will jump in.

Adopting 3D printing

Desktop 3D printers are those relatively small, affordable and easy to use 3D printers that utilize cheap materials such as plastic, which are currently acting as a catalyst behind the rapid adoption of 3D printing. For the first time, businesses and schools can now afford to integrate 3D printers in processes all throughout their value chain. By providing schools and universities with desktop 3D printers, Leapfrog 3D printers wants to help kids adopt 3D printing into their lives.

Bolt Pro 3D Printer

The Bolt offers the latest technology and innovation Leapfrog 3D Printers has developed. Multi-platform software, high-grade hardware and technology, designed to make 3D printing easier, faster and more reliable.

$8,900.00 Excl. VAT $10,769.00 Incl. VAT

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Bolt Pro 3D Printer

What people say about us


Definitely one of the best printers we’ve ever tested.

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What I enjoyed most were the two independent extruders, the air filter and the good print quality when printing with ABS and many other materials


The Bolt is a powerful device with industrial mechanics and proved to be easy to use in the test.

[translated from german]