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Multiple benefits of 3D Printing in Architecture

Vincent Hector: “KCAP has chosen for a Leapfrog 3D printer for specific detailed 3D printed objects. This mainly helps us get more insight but we also start sharing these with our clients and developers. The 3D printed scale model can be given during presentations which is often received with enthusiasm.”

“We design a model in Vectorworks and 3DS Max and export this as an stl-file of OBJ-file. Then I will convert the file to a printable format (G-Code) using the provided Leapfrog software. I found this software user friendly and it is specially developed for the Leapfrog 3D Printers.”

“The reason we bought a Leapfrog 3D Printers was for creating scale models of building. These are used for our own use during the design process. But we don’t think it is unlikely that these can replace the conventional scale models within a couple of years, as this technique will grow and our expertise will develop.

“We noticed that the use of 3D printing increases within our sector. Client enjoy receiving 3D printed scale models during presentations which increases the value of each pitch. The 3D printed scale model will also work as a marketing tool, it being a constant reminder at the office of the client where it will be placed. This results in more benefits that one would expect in the first place.”

Leapfrog 3D Printers has created the perfect 3D printer for consistent production for outstanding models and case studies; the Bolt.