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Benier, a company based in Vlijmen designs and manufactures a variety of systems that produce dough. Moreover, the dough is then turned it into the multitude of baked goods that anyone can purchase in the supermarket. This includes not only bread but cakes, pizza dough and many more.

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This seems simple enough until you start taking into account that there are a number of challenges for Benier. Those challenges are accounting for basic physics. Depending on the end product, each type of dough has its own unique properties. The main one is elasticity. If a particular dough is treated the same as the rest, there is a potential impact on the end product quality; this can occur especially during the mixing and kneading stages.

Benier has the challenge of ensuring that their machines can handle all possible variables. This means Benier values their design and engineering process extremely highly. They have systems of quality tests, reviews and every possible solution is considered in the product development process.

Why did Benier choose Leapfrog’s (Bolt PRO) 3D Printer?

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The challenge with this adherence to quality is that Benier needs the capabilities to quickly test and rapid prototype machine components in-house to satisfy customers. This includes both product components and in-house tooling capabilities. The standard methods of rapid prototyping are slow while lead times are getting shorter. In order to improve their efficiency in part testing, Benier made the decision to purchase a Bolt Pro 3D printer. By doing this, they will be able to test components quickly while keeping their tooling costs low.

What are they using the Leapfrog 3D Printers for?

One of the first parts to be tested was the design of the dough pump screws that pushed the dough through the machine both in and out. Their process involves trial and error to ensure that the specifications match the type of dough the machine is going to be used for. Once the dough screw’s geometry is accurate and tests have been run, then they plan to make the end-use component.

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What is their overall experience with Leapfrog’s products and services?

Benier mechanical engineering manager Geert van de Cammen stated that after 6 months using the Bolt Pro, he is glad to say it is better than other 3D printers that they had before. The ease of use that his engineers say is one of its best features. Benier also plans to use the Bolt Pro for their internal tooling requirements since the capability of being able to produce high quality, sturdy tooling in-house is a competitive advantage that can speed up their production processes, the challenge now is to figure out the correct parameters and outline their tooling requirements to achieve desired results with each print.

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“After a demonstration at Leapfrog, we received a demo version of the 3D printer to try out for several months. This great service and the right specifications for our products made our choice for Leapfrog and their Bolt Pro 3D printer easy.

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