The new Leapfrog 3D printers reseller: Alphanetrix

Here at Leapfrog 3D printers we are always trying to improve, optimize and develop. We focus not only on our products, but also our services, relations and partnerships. We want to be able to be as close as possible with our users. Therefore, we are proud to announce our recent signing with the Greek 3D printing reseller – Alphanetrix.

Alphanetrix logo

The collaboration comes following a thorough due diligence into both companies and the push from Leapfrog 3D printers to continue its reach throughout the world in particular pinpointed regions such as Greece.

Alphanetrix was seen to be the perfect partner for Leapfrog. That is because the company has established foundations in the area and its core business of Autodesk is going hand in hand with 3D printing.

Alphanetrix, 3D printing, Leapfrog, Bolt Pro 3D printer

About Alphanetrix

Alphanetrix was founded in June 2011 and is a rapidly developing company. It operates in the supply, installation, support and maintenance of IT systems. It also provides advanced technology services in the areas of IT systems, in a complete integrated environment. The company relies on its partnerships with leading technology suppliers to be able to fulfill all customer needs.

All solutions offered by Alphanetrix are based on high technology. They are characterized by high reliability, expandability and best value for money ratio. The primary areas of activity of the company cover a range of integrated computer systems, specialized services in IT sector, Internet as well as CAD/CAM Software with Autodesk products.

Alphanetrix has managed to become a leader in many areas such as Autodesk business. Based on personnel’s multiyear experience on Autodesk solutions, Alphanetrix has managed, even within the first couple of years of operation, to become the biggest VAR of Autodesk for 4 consecutive years in a row and the sole Gold Authorized Autodesk VAR in Greece.

Alphanetrix, 3D printing, Leapfrog, Bolt Pro 3D printer

Alphanetrix continues to expand and broaden its portfolio based on the current Greek market demands for cost-effective and powerful solutions.

Alphanetrix, 3D printing, Leapfrog, Bolt Pro 3D printer
Alphanetrix, 3D printing, Leapfrog

We look forward to a long successful relationship together with Alphanetrix and the opportunity to develop and build the Leapfrog 3D printers brand in the region of Greece.

Alphanetrix, 3D printing, Leapfrog

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