The 3D printing age – part II

The first part of “The 3D printing age” showcased different methods of 3D printing, how they work and what they are used for. We also stated the vital role 3D printing communities play in the development of the additive manufacturing industry. Communities that include makers, engineers, designers and hobbyists work together to benefit the 3D printing domain.

Resources are the main driver for growth, evolution and innovation in any domain. Communities like, and dedicated Facebook groups can provide good and helpful information and materials regarding 3d printing from personal experiences.

In order to promote products and prove their usability and added value for various domains, manufacturers also start to develop professional content for users. This is how our platform was born. It is a place where you can find and learn information regarding 3D printing technology adapted for different industries or purposes.

We have developed a solid and user friendly course platform with the help of our specialists and support. Everybody with an interest in 3D printing can now go to one place for all their information. The courses are online and constantly upgraded. This means that it will stay up-to-date. We will always strive to add any feedback we get from our users and clients.

We have structured our platform into 4 parts each covering up a different subject:

Introduction course

The Leapfrog Introduction course is the best way to start learning about 3D printing. Learn the basics of 3D printing. The details that will get you started are covered here; you can find out how it works, what the components of a 3D printer are, what software to use and more. It is structured in 8 chapters. This basic course is for everybody who is new to 3D printing. It is a must read in! It will help you to better understand how the processes works and what to expect from your machine.

Education course

The educational courses hosted on our platform have a precise role. That is to be the best guide for teachers that want to involve 3D printing in class. We are currently hosting a high school educational program with 6 chapters. The program offers teachers a great alternative for introducing and presenting the possibilities of 3D printing to high school students. We aim to continuously improve and upload new courses for different levels of expertise and for different targeted groups – primary school, high school, universities.

Engineering course

Our engineering course is made out of 9 parts that are highly documented and presented with great examples. There are numerous case studies and solutions for different aspects. In collaboration with our own team and other engineers, we developed this course. The course will help with dealing with different issues and offer solutions. You can learn about best practices regarding 3D printers. In addition, you will receive tips and management advice on how to be efficient when it comes to costs and used materials.

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Materials course

The Material course will teach you everything you need to know about 3D printing materials, what printer settings you need and how to properly use them in order to get the best results. You can explore the technical instruction sheets and read about the materials properties with clear examples. is easy to use and engaging – through different exercises, practical and theoretical tests, videos and photos included in the lessons. You can easily follow the lesson plan and save each step or retake them.

In the near future we plan on adding new courses dedicated to various domains like architecture or medicine and to continue adding new lessons and content to the existing themes. Do you have an idea of a great course or themes you would like to see on our course platform? Give us a message ( and let us know!