How to effortlessly start your first high-quality 3D print

Today, we will show you the steps necessary to start your first, high-quality 3D print with our 3D printer Bolt Pro.

Bolt Pro 3D printer, Leapfrog

Upload your g-code – you can upload the g-code onto the Bolt Pro in two ways. Firstly, upload it directly via your computer. Secondly, put the g-code on your USB stick. Then, plug it into the machine where you can choose your g-code and start the print.

Plug your USB stick – once you plug your USB stick into the Bolt Pro, you can find it either through notifications or you can click on JOBS and then USB. Here you can select your g-code and LOAD the file to your 3D printer. To select the file for printing, click on the play button, which is to the left of your g-code.

Clean the printer bed – in order to clean the 3D printer bed, you can use a paper towel and a window cleaner. After you do this, spray the bed with our 3DLAC in order for the filament to stick better. This is a crucial step when you aim for a high-quality 3D print since the first layer is the most crucial.

Select your print and your chosen mode – on the Bolt Pro, you can choose between a normal mode, sync mode and mirror mode. The normal mode will 3D print one print and you can choose to use one or both extruders. The sync mode allows you to print multiple 3D prints at the same time. This speeds up your production time and is especially effective if you need to print a large number of prints. The mirror mode allows you to 3D print/mirror two symmetrical prints and the Bolt Pro prints them at the same time.

Bolt Pro 3D printer, Leapfrog

The Bolt Pro also features several colours, depending on which state it is in.

ORANGE – The Bolt Pro is heating up

WHITE – The Bolt Pro is printing

BLUE – The Bolt Pro is not in use

GREEN – The Bolt Pro is finished printing

RED – The Bolt Pro requires your immediate attention and action

How to get a high-quality 3D print easily

If something does go wrong, you can remove the entire printer bed from the Bolt Pro. Here are the steps to follow if you choose to do so:

  • Pull the metal clip upwards in the back of the printer and disconnect the cable.
  • Apply enough force upwards to remove the bed (keep in mind there are magnets keeping the printer bed in place so make sure you do apply enough force)
  • Let the 3D print sit for about a minute and spray some water on it. This will make it easier to remove the print since it will help dissolve the 3DLAC spray you applied at the beginning.
  • In the meantime, you can put in a new printer bed in the Bolt Pro machine.
  • Once the water has dissolved the 3DLAC spray, you can easily remove the print from the printer bed.
  • There will still be some remnants on the printer bed. To remove those, spray more water on the printer bed and let it soak for an additional 30 seconds. Then, use something like a plastic card to remove the remnants and wipe the printer bed down with a clean paper towel.

You can also watch the instructions for printing a high-quality 3D print in a video format.

If you want to try out a high-quality sample from the Bolt Pro 3D Printer for your business, click HERE and order it today!