Video Testimonial: FUJITSU aiming high with the Bolt Pro

Video testimonial from FUJITSU Spain

Fujitsu Spain produces a range of different products that are designed for the automotive market. This includes electronics for vehicles, from display setups to the airbag system in vehicles. Being in the automotive industry means they are faced with a varied selection of competitors and the demands to remain at the top of the market are increasing.

These changes include the  need to be faster from design to production, especially with the nature of the global economy where competition comes from multiple geographic locations.

Fujitsu, Leapfrog 3D printers, Bolt Pro 3D printer, printed part

Being in such a challenging industry, Fujitsu needed to adapt and change the way they designed and manufactured their products. They needed to streamline production and improve their processes to both keep costs down, but to also be faster and agile.  They choose to dive into the additive manufacturing process with the Bolt Pro 3D printer.

Fujitsu faced the challenges both in their internal processes but also the cost of their previous rapid prototyping processes. We sat down with Luis de La Jara about their experiences and the reason that they acquired the BOLT PRO to gauge their experiences with the printing process.


Fujitsu, Leapfrog 3D printers, Bolt Pro 3D printer, printed part, dual extruders

Luis de La Jara is the coordinator in the engineering department at Fujitsu Ten and he stated the following reasons that the Bolt Pro was chosen. Firstly, most of the designs that are required can easily be 3D printed and the Bolt Pro offered the option of up to 16 different materials. Furthermore, the Bolt Pro is an open system that gave Fujitsu the versatility to print with materials from all vendors, which allowed them to get from design to prototype faster.

Secondly, they purchased the Bolt Pro for tooling purposes. Previously , in order to get tooling , it was costly and time consuming. The products were heavy to use over hours of operation and weren’t ergonomically well designed for their specific needs. If a problem was discovered with the tool then a redesign would have taken months to implement. With the Bolt Pro , they can easily change designs on request and test it within hours. Further still, by bringing all the production possibilities internally, they have made savings which were recuperated within 6 months.

3D printing is a technology that used correctly can achieve highly valued returns for organisations and the Bolt Pro was designed to be such a machine. With independent dual extruders, a wide selection of materials and reliability means it is the optimum tool to improve product design and tooling.

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