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Creatrstarting from €1,250 excl. VAT€1,512.50 incl.VAT

Largest build size in its class. High quality fast printing.

Sturdy frame
Huge build size
Dual extruder option
Pre- calibrated easy to use
Heated print bed



From: €1,250

€1.512,50 incl. VAT €1.815 incl. VAT
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Lead time: shipping < 72 hrs*
Lead time: shipping < 72 hrs*

Easy to install

The Creatr is a real game changer for entry-level 3D printers. The 3D printer is fully assembled and pre-calibrated when it arrives at your doorstep. This means that the installation of the printer does not take up a lot of your time and you will be printing your first object in about 30 minutes! Before you start printing, you will need to unpack your printer and install two software programs; one for the conversion of your design from a 3D software STL-file to a printable file [G-code], and another software program to control the printer.
Both are free of charge and available via our website. Interested how this works? Take a look at the Installation tab or our Installation Support page. Print example: You can print one Coca Cola Bottle [0.5L] in 40 minutes, with one role of filament [1kg] you can print 30 bottles and one bottle will cost you €1,17.

Single or Dual extruder

At Leapfrog, you have the choice between two versions of our 3D printer the Creatr: a Single extruder or a Dual extruder. But what’s the difference between the two? A Dual extruder has two extruders, providing you with the possibility to print with two colors or two different materials at the same time. This also means that you can print with ABS filament and with soluble PLA or PVA filament that can serve as support material.
The plastics PLA and PVA are both materials that can be dissolved and do not leave any marks on the surface of your print. The Single extruder has only one extruder, which means that you can only print with one material at a time. Of course it is also possible to print your support material, as well as your design, with ABS filament. However, this means that you will need to break away the support material instead of dissolving it, leaving marks on the surface of your printed object.

Most durable

We at Leapfrog believe in providing a 3D printer that is build to last, combined with superb quality. As a result, the Creatr is made of laser-cut aluminum parts as opposed to wood or plastic.This also means that the accuracy of the printer is unaffected by temperature changes and does not diminish over time, providing you with the best quality.
* For orders paid by credit card or ideal. For other payment methods the 72 hours initiate once payment is received.  


The Creatr is designed to look awesome and be the most competitive and durable 3D printer on the market. The 3D printer the Creatr offers you the largest build sizes in the price category of fully assembled qualitative 3D printers. The sturdy frame adds to the durability of the 3D printer, providing you a product that lasts.
  • Easy to install
  • Large print size
  • Fully assembled
  • Heated print bed
  • Dual extruder option
  • Outer dimensions
  • Build size [LxWxH]
  • Max. print volume
  • Positioning accuracy
  • Layer thickness
  • Weight
  • Electrical connection
  • Material types
  • Extruder size
  • 500x600x500 mm
  • 230x270x200 mm
  • 12.4 liter
  • 0.05 mm
  • 0.05 -0.35 mm
  • 32 kg
  • 100-240 V
  • ABS, PLA, PVA, Laybrick, Nylon
  • 0.35 mm
  • Speed X and Y axis
  • Extrusion speed
  • Power consumption
  • Production costs
  • Production speed
  • Dual extruder
  • File format
  • CE Certified
  • up to 350 mm/sec
  • up to 60 mm/sec
  • 400 W
  • 0,035 €/cm3
  • 0.42 cm3/min
  • Optional
  • STL, G-code
  • Yes


The filaments we provide are, like our 3D printers, all of exceptional quality to ensure you will end up with a beautifully printed design. We offer a wide scope of colors that all have a wire diameter of 1.75 millimeters. This means that you can use our filament in Leapfrog 3D printers and in other 3D printers currently on the market.

Currently, we are selling ABS plastic and biodegradable PLA plastic. ABS has a higher strength boundary than PLA, making it possible to perform a surface treatment with sandpaper, acetone or even drill holes in your print.

PLA is a material that reduces the chance of the separate layers of your print to split. It is also excellent as support material, because it leaves no marks on your surface after dissolving it.

We are presently researching PVA filament, this is a plastic that is soluble in water and is perfect for support material.

ABS filaments

  • Wide range of colors
  • Non-soluble plastic
  • Print temperature of 230⁰ Celsius
  • Bed temperature set at 80⁰ Celsius
  • 1 kg per filament rol
  • Diameter of 1.75 mm

PLA filaments

  • Wide range of colors
  • Soluble biodegradable plastic
  • Print temperature of 210⁰ Celsius
  • Bed temperature set at 60⁰ Celsius
  • 1 kg per filament rol
  • Diameter of 1.75 mm


The Creatr is a real game changer for entry-level 3D printers. It comes fully assembled and pre-calibrated when it arrives at your doorstep. This means that the installation of the printer does not take up a lot of your time and you will be printing your first object in about 30 minutes!
Installation movies
We have created installation movies that show you how you can install your brand new 3D printer. The movie guide you from unpacking, to software installation and to your first 3D print. Interested how this works? Take a look at the video’s below.
Written manual
Next to the installation movies, we also provide you with a written manual. This manual describes the installation steps, standard printing steps and provides guidelines for when your printer is misbehaving. Download the manual here.

Step 1: Unpacking your Creatr

In this clip, you will be guided through the unpacking of a brand new Creatr. The unboxing along with the location of tie wraps which need to be removed are shown, as well as the process of a connecting the cables to the printer and computer. Please note: Do not lift your printer out of the box by the top plate or any of the axes. Do not lift the printer by the cardboard box! A new video will be provided soon. 

Unpacking your Creatr
Use two people to lift the printer out of the box. Lift the printer from the bottom if you can. If you are unable to fit your arm beside the boxed printer grab the front by the bearing mounting plates. When you slide the printer to the front you will be able to fit your arm and lift from the bottom. Click here to see how you can pick up you Creatr correctly.

Step 2: Software and configuration

In this clip, we will show you how to install the required software. The first step is to download and install Arduino software to make it possible for your computer to connect with your printer. The next step is to download and install the Repetier Host Leapfrog Software. This software allows you to convert your 3D software file [STL for example] to a printable file [G-Code] and allows you to control your printer. The Leapfrog Repetier software contains standard Creatr Print Profiles. Just select the extruder, the filament material as
well as the color and Repetier will automatically select the ideal print temperature providing you the best print quality possible.  There is also a Leapfrog support button implemented in the software. Leapfrog Repetier software is currently available on the Windows and Mac operating systems. Please take a look at the Installation Support page for the installation guidelines and corresponding clips for each operating system and the direct downloading links.

Step 3: Making your first print

In this last clip, the process of creating your first print will be explained. This starts with removing the callibration print that is already on the print bed. How to insert the filament and operate the Repetier software is also shown, which should culminate in your first 3D print on the Creatr! 

Robert Vissers – Eccomi 3D

Since 2012 I got interested in 3D-printing as a technology, following the news and the general media. Beginning of 2013 I decided to invest some money in a 3D-printer. There are a lot of choices. Based on criteria like robustness, and credentials of the company the Leapfrog was selected. The images and reviews gave a trustworthy feeling. Next to that the Leapfrog company sold already over a thousand printers. The decision was taken.

3D-printing is somehow still a bit of pioneering, but the Leapfrog is a machine that is ready for it. Initially there were some minor calibration issues, but comparing this to other brands this was quite normal. The maintenance is easy. The Leapfrog Creatr has been well designed; the structure is solid, the parts are very accessible for maintenance. There are regular improvements and updates available. This, for me, is a clear indication of the quality of the Leapfrog organisation.  It’s the combination of the level of professionalism, practicality, focus on design and service which makes the Leapfrog team a good supplier. The support is great. You notice that the support is fully knowledgeable and available.

Having the Creatr for 5 months now I recently started my own 3D-printing company. The printer is now running it’s jobs.  Next to printing for neighbours, friends and family I’m printing for real customers. Via 3D-Hubs I’m part of a 3D-printing community. Many brands and types are used in that community. Seeing them in reality and hearing the experiences I am happy to own a Leapfrog.

I’m a Leapfrog-enthusiast.  The next step is to bring 3D-printing closer to the normal consumer, and with a Leapfrog you can.

Deepak Mehta

“The Creatr has reached a level of perfection for the most common uses of a 3D printer”

“I have to say that in the last six months, the competition has also crept closer to the Leapfrog, but I still feel that for the money and the quality, you are getting a printer that exceeds the Ultimaker and Makerbot Replicator 2. Firstly, it prints on both ABS and PLA reliably due to the heated bed and the fairly “closed” construction allowing the heat to stay in the build volume (…) Secondly, the build quality of the machine is far better due to the custom-made aluminium parts. And of course the build volume is out of this world compared to the Ultimaker or Makerbot.”

“ …a heated glass surface that does not warp, better z-axis homing with an opto-switch that is far more reliable, a better calibration of the bed that sticks even when you travel with the printer in a car/truck, more accurate extruder heads of 0.35mm, improved z-axis that does not wobble (at all!). A few more improvements have been added of late: an improved cable management that prevents wires from running over the print bed and improved electronics, which integrate all the electronics onto one print and prints a lot more quiet, but still keeping it RepRap compatible.”

“All in all this makes the Leapfrog jump over its competition. The printer is still RepRap Marlin based, so it works with a plethora of slicing software”

To read the full review, check this link.

Salvador Grau

In my free time I have several hobbies, the main two of them are RC planes and prop building. I used to design my files and stuff in 3D and a couple of times I subcontracted to 3Dprinting or laser cutting shops the pieces, so digging into the choice of doing it myself at home became a must for me. I was researching info about 3Dprinters, also DIY printers like the prusa, but finally I found Leapfrog and its Creatr.

To say I fell in love with “her” is not exaggerated, but it´s the truth. This machine has very good qualities, its big printing capabilities, its aluminum frame and the choice of dual extrusion are good reasons. We can also add a few details more but it´s not needed to say what we can read in the specs of course. I received my printer in December and it was my first one so my knowledge needed a learning path, I´m also still learning indeed…

Everyday info and community grows and that´s a good thing and another good point for choosing this machine. I´m not going to lie, as any other 3Dprinter you will need to do some trial and error and learn how to configure, calibrate, print files and maintain the machine, but even cars or computers need it so is not a big deal to assume it.

Finally there is another good point in this machine, this is a young company and its growing but it means as well that they are very positive and passionate people with their job willing to help as fast as they know I need help! Keeping in mind it all I just can say: Thanks Leapfrog team!!!


Ralf Paehl

I picked up my Creatr 10 days ago directly from the factory in the Netherlands. Ruben gave me and my wife a warm welcome and a very helpful introduction into the Creatr technology and especially the print settings in Slic3r.

One important reason why I decided for the Creatr? In the US they say: Buy American.  That´s ok, but we should buy European!

After coming home I directly needed to initiate the first job, in my case the leapfrog, which Ruben gave me along as stl file. And it just worked. Since then I did quite some builds already and I am really blown away, what this low cost machine is able to do. Actually I would have expected more problems with a machine in this market segment. To me it is great fun, looking at the jobs and translate the observations into improved settings for the next jobs. The build envelope is large and that gives a lot freedom, when designing.

What I specifically like about the Creatr is, that it comes with quite a robust frame. That´s just like a home with a solid fundament and that is very unique for this type of printers. Another very important advantage is great support from the Leapfrog guys and the forum, they provide.

Summary so far: It feels a bit like a released parking brake. Finally I am able to build my CAD designs, which before most of the time did not make it into the physical world.

Frederieke Top – Frederieketop.nl

Recently, I have been using the Creatr with my company Frederike Top when designing products. Even though I am still experimenting, I have already printed several objects and have tried out divergent possibilities. The accuracy of the printer is remarkable and the two extruder heads offer endless possibilities. When in doubt, Leapfrog is always very helpful, a personal answer with useful tips is often provided on the same day!

Freek de Bruin

I bought my Creatr a few weeks ago and I can only conclude that I am very satisfied with the printer. I used the installation movies that were displayed on the support installation page.

The quality of the printer is as expected, it arrived at my house very well packaged and it looks and feels like a durable product. I had no problem making my first print [I did not print out the file on the website but a file I made myself]. Since my first print, I printed out about 20 items and almost all were really good. Sometimes you just need to change the printing settings before your print is as expected.

Luckily I didn’t needed any support from Leapfrog, but the contact I had with the team was very pleasant. You notice that the guys working at Leapfrog are willing to help you and you are not a number but an individual.

Pictures, clips and limitless printing

On this page we have stills of the Creatr from multiple angles, as well as clips of it printing an object.  Have a look and check out your brand new 3D printer!

For additional pictures of printed objects, click here.

Our videos

The Leapfrog Creatr
Creatr prints a propellor
Creatr prints traffic cone
Creatr prints Yoda
Creatr Timelapse

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Community Support

The Leapfrog forum is a place where you can become part of the Leapfrog 3D Printer community. You can post pictures of you with your machine, prints you have made and start 3D printing discussions.

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