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4.1 First layer doesn’t stick to the bed

A non sticky first layer is caused by one of the following reasons:

1. Bed temperature not high enough

Check the bed temperature in Pronterface and feel if the bed is warm. Allthough the temperatures are not extremely high, beware of burning yourself to the nozzle or the bed! For ABS 80 degrees will definately be enough. PLA can be printed on a non heated bed, although we would advise to heat the bed up to 60 degrees.

2. Dirty sticker

First of all make sure that the bed is clean. Use a clean cloth to apply the sticker to the bed or clean the sticker before printing

3. Nozzle not close enough to the bed

See ‘Printing bed trouble shooting’ –> ‘Bed starting height is wrong’

4. If your still not capable of getting the first layer to stick you can dissolve some abs in acetone. You can apply this to your bed when it is hot. The acetone will evaporate and leave a thin film of abs on your bed. This will make sure that the print sticks to the bed. When you use this method make sure you do this in a well ventilated area.

Posted in: Printing troubleshooting