Leapfrog Bolt (Pro) Cabinet

This Bolt (Pro) cabinet is designed for functionality, providing a slide our table top and enough room to store numerous supplies like filaments, 3D Spray and other tools to keep nearby.
499,00 € IVA no incluido 603,79 € IVA incluido

3DLac Spray Approved by Leapfrog

3DLAC is the bed adhesion solution instead of tape or stickers on your print bed.
9,95 € IVA no incluido 12,04 € IVA incluido

3D printer Toolkit

The 3D printer toolkit is equipped with all the necessary tools that you need to do quick fixes on your 3D printer.
45,00 € IVA no incluido 54,45 € IVA incluido

Leapfrog MAXX Essentials Print Stickers (25 pieces)

Leapfrog MAXX Essentials Print Stickers are the ideal footprint for 3D printers. The print sticker replaces the commonly used masking tape as the surface of the printbed.
29,00 € IVA no incluido 35,09 € IVA incluido

Dust cover (HS)

This special cover for our Creatr HS keeps the heat inside thus partially prevents ABS from warping (shrinking). Also it makes the printer safe for educational purposes, where the heated parts can not be touched while operating.
199,00 € IVA no incluido 240,79 € IVA incluido

Leapfrog Creatr Cabinet

Custom-made cabinets are now available for all our printers.
299,00 € IVA no incluido 361,79 € IVA incluido

Leapfrog extractor unit

Leapfrog extractor unit keeps your home environment safe and sounds. With the Leapfrog extractor unit you prevent harmful ABS offcuts floating into the air.
599,00 € IVA no incluido 724,79 € IVA incluido

Replacement combined filter

The replacement combined filter cleans the air without any trouble. It is the heart and soul of the Leapfrog Extractor Unit
199,00 € IVA no incluido 240,79 € IVA incluido