Creatr HS Starter Package

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Start create the future!
2 x Leapfrog MAXX Essentials Print Stickers (25 pieces)   +€0.00
1 x Creatr Toolkit   +€0.00
1 x Dust cover (HS)   +€0.00
1 x PRO PVA   +€0.00
1 x Leapfrog USB stick 4GB   +€0.00

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We've put several packages together. The starter pack provides you with all the tools you need to get things going! Or check our educational pack for educational purposes.


What people say about us

“We have designated the Leapfrog Creatr HS as one of our top picks for iReviews 2015.”

You will love this printer’s onboard computer and stand-alone USB data capabilities. A large print envelope with up to 30cm of printing length makes it incredibly versatile, along with the standard dual extruder for printing with multiple materials. Even in its versatility, the printer does not lose any points in accuracy, which could have potentially rendered it less useful to professional users. Read full review here.