Interior Design


3D printing in interior design allows designers to create more complex shapes and parts, which is otherwise not possible with traditional manufacturing methods. 3D printing allows a product to be made from a wide range of colors and materials, anything from porcelain, wood to precious metals.  Using a 3D printer in interior design is especially helpful during the planning and development phase so designers can envision the product and make any changes if necessary. It also enables designers to test out if their design looks good and is functional.

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Benefits of 3D Printing for Robotics

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a robot? For many people it is a machine that imitates a human—like the androids in Star Wars, Terminator and Star Trek: The Next Generation. However much these robots capture our imagination, such robots still only inhabit Science Fiction. People still haven't been able to give a robot enough 'common sense' to reliably interact with a dynamic world.

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Desktop 3D printing in engineering grew rapidly in the last few years. Mechanical engineers, engineering companies and R&D departments recognised what 3D Printing could do for their operational processes and started experimenting with 3D Print technology.

Now, we see that 3D Printing is completely integrated in the workflow of these companies since it adds significant value in conceptualisation of parts and products. Read more if you are interested if this is applicable for you as wel.

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Preparing students for their future careers and teaching them valuable skills are not the only important aspects of implementing 3D printing in educational programs. It serves as an extra revolutionizing tool to aid in many areas of education and provides teachers with new ways of getting their message across!

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Seeing is believing. Leapfrog 3D Printers helps architectural firms seize more opportunities by creating complex, durable models in-house. Easily transform sketches and model drawings (digital) to tangible models and our 3D Printers are perfect for shape studies.

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