Leapfrog User Interface 2017
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Leapfrog User Interface 2017

How a 3D printer becomes easy to use

Using a 3D printer gets more and more easy than 4 years ago. The Leapfrog User Interface is a big step into making a 3D printer more accessible and controllable. 4 Years ago, FDM 3D printers where machines with barely an interface which you would built yourself. Knowing what is each part doing or what it was going to do required some experience. And keeping it in perfect running condition even more so.

Communicating with your 3D printer is now intuitive. And it is easy to use and control with the Leapfrog User Interface. It can be accessed with a large touch screen fitted on your 3D printer and gives you insight to your machine. Maintenance it easily with the clean bed position or calibrate the extruders with it’s appropriate wizard. Access the on-board storage and view if the print has been successful and how long it will take. Double the production of the Bolt by letting the built-in processor copy the part for you using Sync-mode or access and control your 3D printer remotely from your smartphone, tablet or computer through wifi.

Get more from your 3D printer

Your 3D printer should help and do work for you, not the other way around. The Leapfrog User Interface has build in functions that will help improve your productivity. And it will improve your knowledge about the machine as well.

Filament en time usage

Most users start a print at the end of the day to let it finish the print over-night. And it is always a waste of time, filament and energy to find out that there wasn’t a sufficient amount of filament loaded.
Every print you will start on your machine will be copied to the on-board storage. There it will be analysed which is used for indicating the amount of filament and time needed. When loading filament, the Bolt asks you to tell hem how much filament is left on the spool. It uses this information before starting a print, calculating if there is enough filament or not.

Sync- and mirror mode

FDM manufacturing is very efficient in costs, but less in time. Bigger, Faster, Stronger is what we strive for. To achieve faster print times, we have incorporated a sync- and mirror mode with out Independent Dual Extruder 3D printer, the Bolt.
Using two extruders independently gives you more accurate dual prints without oozing, but using both head at the same time increases production twice. The sync-mode copies your selected print for you on the other half of the print bed. This enables printing with both heads simultaneously, printing two of the same print over the time it takes to print one.

Maintenance features

Keeping your printer in top condition takes some care once in a while. The Leapfrog User Interface has multiple features which can guide you through critical maintenance procedures. For instance, the bed and print heads can be moved to a more reachable position with the press of a button. The user interface also can guide you through the necessary steps to calibrate the nozzles and bed. And before printing, there is a purge options, which will purge the Left or right nozzles. This helps the filament flow before starting your print and can be especially useful with more difficult to print types of filament.

Make it easy for yourself

Developing and designing the interface has been done with several test panels to really see what users expect. The result is an intuitive user interface with many features you can use in your workflow to get more control. And the development is an on-going process as updates are released frequently.

Multi platform accessible

Using your 3D printer from a big touch screen is great, but using it from your smartphone, tablet or laptop is even better. When your 3D printer is connected to the same network or wifi, any device with a browser can access the Leapfrog User Interface. This means that it is Windows, Android and IOS compatible.

When you have remote wifi access, you can upload and download g-codes from the Bolt, view the built-in webcam and start, pause and stop prints jobs.

Built-in storage

The Leapfrog User Interface is capable of storing a lot of g codes for you. Directly upload them directly from your USB drive or computer. When the files are uploaded, you can print them from the built-in drive which means that your 3D printer is more than stand-alone.

Webcam live stream

The built-in webcam is exactly what it sounds like. This camera can be accessed remotely on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It is also possible to view the cam when traveling or from where ever you are using a VPN client with your local network.

Let your 3D printer do it for you

Since your 3D printer can actually print 3D dimensional object for you, it shouldn’t be hard to let the machine take it a step further. A 3D printer used to be a simple machine with only one focus; printing. But now it is more, and it needs to be.

Automatic shut-down

Often when a print is complete, the print will stay on stand-by until you shut it off, or start a new print. This means that the 3D printer is often for many hours idle, wasting energy. Although these amounts aren’t huge per printer, it is important to take these into account on a whole for a better, and greener tomorrow. The Leapfrog User Interface therefor has an Auto-shut-down feature. When toggled on, the feature will automatically shut-down your printer after it has finished it’s print job.

Time lapse

With the built-in webcam, it is also possible to create a time lapse besides viewing the live stream. The Leapfrog User Interface can create this for you and you can directly upload these to your computer whenever you want through wifi. With this simple feature you can watch the progress of your recorded print to possibly improve the print settings.

Automatic updates

Connecting your 3D printer to your network and the internet gives more advantages then only remote access from another device. The Leapfrog User Interface automatically checks for possible new updates. When there is an update available, it can download and install this automatically for you. The Leapfrog User Interface will show give you all the information of the made changes and added options, when it has rebooted.

Leapfrog User Interface

We believe that the new User Interface is the answer to many 3D Printing user questions. The current machines with the Leapfrog User Interface are the following.

Bolt Pro