Leapfrog E-PLA

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Leapfrog Engineering PLA filament is a perfected and highly resistant version of the normal PLA filament. A 3D print of Engineering PLA can surpass it's ABS 3D printed counterpart. This unique property offers durability and strength while the settings needed to print it are the same as PLA.

Specifications Every little detail, yes, really everything


  • Extrusion temperature 205-215 °C
  • Extrusion temperature 400-420 F
  • Bed temperature 45 °C
  • Bed temperature 113 F
  • Ease of printing high
  • Warping low
  • Layer bonding high
  • Recommended printer setup standard


  • Suitable for HS (XL), Xeed, XceL, Bolt
  • Filament diameter (mm) 1.75
  • Filament diameter (IN) 0.069
  • Weight (kg) 0.75
  • Weight (lbs) 1.65
  • Unique property Exceptional strength and durability

What people say about us


Definitely one of the best printers we’ve ever tested.

Bolt-Review 3DPrintr-make_logo_rgb-2-review-post

What I enjoyed most were the two independent extruders, the air filter and the good print quality when printing with ABS and many other materials


The Bolt is a powerful device with industrial mechanics and proved to be easy to use in the test.

[translated from german]