Leapfrog HIPS

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$56.00 Excl. VAT $67.76 Incl. VAT

Leapfrog HIPS is a soluble support which can be dissolved with D'Limonene. This material is excellent for printing with ABS since it has similar melting properties. With this filament, ABS objects with a lot of overhang and complexiticity can be printed without having to break away the support.

Specifications Every little detail, yes, really everything


  • Extrusion temperature 235-245 °C
  • Extrusion temperature 455-473 F
  • Bed temperature 115 °C
  • Bed temperature 240 F
  • Ease of printing medium
  • Warping low
  • Layer bonding medium
  • Recommended printer setup standard


  • Suitable for HS (XL), Xeed, Bolt
  • Filament diameter (mm) 1.75
  • Filament diameter (IN) 0.0069
  • Weight (kg) 0.5
  • Weight (lbs) 1.1
  • Unique property soluble (D'limonene)

What people say about us


Definitely one of the best printers we’ve ever tested.

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What I enjoyed most were the two independent extruders, the air filter and the good print quality when printing with ABS and many other materials


The Bolt is a powerful device with industrial mechanics and proved to be easy to use in the test.

[translated from german]