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    The Bolt offers the latest technology and innovation Leapfrog 3D Printers has developed. Multi-platform software, high-grade hardware and technology, designed to make 3D printing easier, faster and more reliable.
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A lot of people play with the idea of purchasing a new printer, but they often have doubts. The overall idea people have of printers, is that they are technically complex devices with a very high price tag. Without preaching to the choir, we can reassure you that this is now no longer the case. Today there are several types of high-quality printers which are very suitable for daily use and - last but not least - the right printer will pay for itself!

Why should I buy a 3D printer?

In recent years, 3D printing has developed beastly. Although in recent times many hypes have blown over, researchers expect that the demand for this mode of printing will only increase in the coming years. Still more and more people learn about this phenomenon by a family member or a friend who purchased a very affordable printer, and who quickly earned back the costs.

Buying a 3D printer is a wise investment in your business or household. Even with an affordable entry-level all sorts of projects can be printed. This includes useful items like kitchen utensils, tools, phone covers and accessories, but also designer items like vases, lamps and jewellery. It will obviously save you a lot of money if you can print these things all by yourself. More and more people buy 3D printers, which is definitely a good thing!

In addition to above mentioned benefits, 3D printers still have some advantages. For example, the start-up costs are relatively low. There are many different and low-cost filaments on the market. Moreover, no additional tools are required, such as molds or matrices. In fact these are products you can produce much cheaper with your own printer.

The price of an excellent 3D printer

On the internet there are many websites that serve as online printer shops. These websites are often well organised and easy to use. As a result, 3-dimensional printers are becoming more accessible and still more fun!

The price of 3D printers can vary greatly. Our Leapfrog printer starts from 1249 euros to 6999 euros. This enables us to respond to the different needs of our customers. Our Creatr HS is a very affordable, complete and reliable model, perfect for getting familiar with the art of 3D printing. It will help you to make sure that you want nothing more than printing out your own models. If you’re already advanced with 3D printing, and if you’re looking for an affordable and professional printer, the Xeed 3D is the device you need. Many of our customers save thousands of euros on an annual basis with the Xeed 3D.

Buy your Leapfrog 3D printer

The current method of product development often takes a long time. On the old and familiar way, it takes weeks to develop and to make a product. The printers of the last generation however, allow you to complete this process in just a few hours. You'll also have the product right where it should be. By now, you may rely on a specific product from China. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to produce this product from your own home or office? Of course mass production ensures products to be so cheap that you couldn’t even print for that money. Yet with a 3-dimensional printer, you do not only buy a first class printer, but also your own independence. As 3D printers can print almost any object, they offer boundless possibilities and the opportunity to add a personal touch to every product. The good-value of a printer makes it an economical choice you won’t regret.

Buy your Leapfrog 3D printer now and we will start printing the future together!