Want to have a 3D print made?


Want to have a 3D print made?

Even though 3D printing seemed like a distant dream not so long ago, things are changing rapidly, and 3D printing is becoming more and more easily accessible to absolutely everyone. If you want to have a 3D print made, you can have one - with the help of Print-a-Thing, the latest 3D printing marketplace that has been launched in February. This crowd-sourced fabrication service offers very interesting prices and aims to provide you with the highest quality of 3D printing in the vicinity of your home.

How does the new platform work?

If you have ever tried to have a 3D print made before, you probably know it is not as simple as it sounds. Many 3D printing companies offer similar services, but they also have some important drawbacks. Perhaps the main advantage of the new platform is the fact that it can provide solutions to all of your needs - whether you only need a single print or a large quantity of prints, Print-a-Thing is capable of making it happen. As this is basically a large network of locally based 3D printers, it can distribute the load among the whole network and deliver your order quickly and easily. Diving and conquering is a tactic that has been proven to work, and 3D printing is no exception.

Not sure where to print your 3D prints?

If you have been thinking about having your 3D prints done for a while now, you probably tried to find a local 3D printing shop that could take care of your prints. But as 3D printing is still a developing industry, finding the right printing shop could be a case of easier said than done. The new platform takes cares of absolutely everything, so you don't have to: they find the right printing company for you and the job that you need to have done, they communicate everything that needs to be communicated and they make sure that your prints are delivered in perfect condition. This means that all you have to do is tell them what you want - and the next thing you know, your 3D prints are delivered to your door.

Top-notch quality at an affordable price

The team behind the platform believes that 3D printing should be accessible and affordable for everybody, so they are always doing their best to provide you with top-notch quality of your prints at a budget-friendly price. While the platform is still in beta, it even offers a 30% discount on the printing prices, so if you have been thinking about having your 3D prints done for a while now, this is definitely the right time to make it happen.

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