Testimonial - Bolt Pro - VDH Systems


Testimonial - Bolt Pro - VDH Systems


The use of automation

Automation can be found everywhere. Some noticeable, like traffic lights and some you don’t even recognise, like getting connected to the right person when calling someone.

Automation makes life easier, for you as a consumer and definitely for you as a manufacturer. It develops industries rapidly, it reduces costs and increases productivity.

Different shapes and sizes

Automation is vastly popular and comes in different shapes and sizes. A more basic, or static automation would be automatic doors. A sensor sees somebody approach a closed door. This sends a signal to the motor attached to the door, which in turn open de door automatically.

This get more interesting when creating adaptive or dynamic automations. A excellent example is the self driving ability some cars have. The cars are able to take in a lot of visual information and convert this to usable data. This data is then converted and  used to execute the appropriate action, like turn, accelerate or brake.


Creating automation

VDH software solutions is a machine building company owned by Mr. Danny van den Heuvel. VDH builds customized automation solutions, or we can call them industrial robots. Industrial robots utilizes various mechanical, electrical as well as software systems to allow for high precision, accuracy and speed that far exceeds any human performance. On request Danny will improve the manufacturing or assembly process by automating a crucial part of this process. This solution is completely and entirely implemented by VDH systems.



One of the main reasons that VDH systems is able to implement the industrial robot is with thanks to the broad knowledge of Danny himself. He is an expert in electronic engineering and has broaden his expertise with software development, CAD Drawings and also 3D printing. The latter are more of interests and hobbies yet also extremely useful for his field of work.

3D printer enthusiast

Quite a few years ago he bought his first 3D printer through a kickstarter project. Over time he has had different kinds of 3D printers ranging from SLA to FDM. Some resins ended up being too hard and fragile while some filaments were too costly to use for personal use only.


Industrial 3D printer

So had set out to find a 3D printer with industrial capabilities, but without a large price tag. The Bolt Pro 3D Printer fitted the requirements and he was one of the first to procure this machine.

From enthusiast to pro

He needed some time to get used to the printer at first. The Bolt Pro has many functionalities and can be tweaked however you wish. Not knowing where to look can be daunting and can give mixed results. But the more he used the printer, the more it did exactly as he wanted it to do.

Bang for your buck

Mr. van den Heuvel was able to use a Stratasys FDM machine as well. Everybody involved in 3D printing knows that they make great machines, but with a larger price tag. Comparing the print quality of the Bolt Pro with a Stratasys machine, Danny was surprised by the result. The Stratasys gave a better overall quality, but compared to the price, the value for money on the Bolt Pro was far superior.


3D printed robotic arm

With Space Claim (3D modelling software) he created a digital 3D robot arm. This he can control via the Robot Gui Controller in the simulation surroundings that he created via Unity. All the programming he does in the simulation surroundings he can send to the actual 3D printed arm. Creating the arm required unique parts which needed to be functional, but also look good and the result is impressive.

You can find more information about the build on his Twitter profile and website.

The freedom to create with 3D printing

The best thing about 3D printing is that it enables inventors to actually create their ideas. Since most programs and knowledge is available and open source, the boundaries to create complex product are mostly gone. 3D printing is now available, affordable and accessible. This allows everybody to let their ideas come to live.

People like Danny both have the skill and knowledge to succeed in complex project. But creating a working Robot arm with the help of 3D printing, makes such a project accessible for everybody. And it is this availability what drives other people to push their boundaries, and technology as a whole.

This case has been support with training and advice by the Leapfrog business partner OMD3D.

Hackaday: https://hackaday.io/dannyvandenheuvel

Website: http://www.vdhsystems.be/

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