3D printers and engineering services: a model for a family business triumph


3D printers and engineering services: a model for a family business triumph

OMD3D is a Belgium-based 3D printing and engineering service provider, also acts as a reseller of 3D printers. Currently, it has a fleet of 18 3D printers, including 5 Leapfrog machines. Among the products they make are fixtures, mechanical and other engineering parts, independent extrusion of the Bolt Pro assists in saving time while making these models.


OMD3D / Leapfrog 3D Printers

OMD3D is a family-owned company established in 2013. It specializes in rapid prototyping, engineering, and 3D printing services. Started in 1995 as a firm for operations and management support, it has changed and grown to a huge print farm. Now in August 2018, OMD3D has approximately 18 machines, among which 2 Bolt, 1 Bolt pro, 1 Creatr, and 1 Creatr HS are Leapfrog 3D Printers machines. This significant fleet of 3D printers is ready to support the Belgian market with innovative technologies.

OMD3D philosophy: “360° service from a to z”.

Bolt series was not the first experience of Peter de Corte, the lead engineer and founder of the company, with Leapfrog 3D printers. Around 5 years ago, OMD3D started to take shape as a 3D printing service provider. That time, Peter needed a 3D printer for prototyping designs, which were mostly small mechanical parts and enclosures. For that purpose, he found Creatr Dual, the first printer of Leapfrog.

the Bolt Pros / Leapfrog 3D Printers


Leapfrog was open to feedback and focused on making its products more user-friendly. Throughout the years, relationships between Leapfrog 3D printers and OMD3D strengthened. As a result, OMD3D became a reseller and a support point of Leapfrog in Belgium. A Bolt machine was acquired as a supplement to their production and for demo purposes.

Reselling did not become the only main activity of OMD3D. Driven by love to mechanics, they work on various 3D printing projects for their customers. Leapfrog 3D Printers and OMD3D are a good match when it comes to not only business cooperation, but mutual understanding on a mission level. Leapfrog work with pioneers of change across industries who want to revolutionize manufacturing and transform ideas into reality.

3D printing could bring quite some benefits to the production process of a company, such as the shortened time to market and the ability to implement changes along the development process. However, not every company is ready to adopt a 3D printing technology and strengthen their businesses with such, so they prefer to outsource engineering 3D projects. OMD3D happily helps them with that. They mastered printing of various materials, a few to name: PLA, ABS, PET, ASA, and Carbon fiber infilled.
Prints OMD3D / Leapfrog 3D Printers

Using various plastics, OMD3D produces mechanical parts, enclosures, covers, jigs, electronic housing, light fixtures, and customized parts for nearly any projects. Independent dual extrusion of the Bolt Pro helps them with printing several parts in one go, significantly speeding up the production process. Time is money, and saved time is an opportunity to invest it in other spheres of your business.

“3D printing will grow exponential the following years. With the new improvements to the Bolt Pro, the machine will prove to be a great addition to engineering services and other companies who want to stay ahead.”


Although outsourcing could be fruitful, more and more companies are getting ready to adopt new 3D technologies. However, adopting new 3D technologies could be complicated because it implies having knowledge about the current market of 3D printing machines, a clear understanding of own needs and managing expectations. So, it is beneficial to have someone assisting you and guiding along the process. OMD3D does not just help other companies and individuals by providing 3D printing services. Once a business decides to change the focus from outsourcing 3D prints to have a 3D printer in-house, OMD3D is happy to help with this. Aimed at the best quality service possible, OMD3D provides customers with complete 3D printing solutions, focusing on each business’ requirements and actual needs to achieve their goals. Alignment with the support from Leapfrog 3D printers helps in that.

“I can recommend the machine Bolt Pro to every company who wants to be able to create! Once the learning becomes printing, the advantages of this machine become an important addition to the services.”

Nowadays it is essential to stay ahead of your competitors. By combining knowledge and desire to be the best solution provider for their customers, OMD3D helps to bring 3D printing to any business in Belgium, whether they want to outsource or increase their production powers with own 3D printer. Service is an important part of being a reliable partner, and this is what defined a path of OMD3D.

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