Real-life Star Trek Replicator


Real-life Star Trek Replicator

The idea of the Star Trek's Replicator, used on the mythical starship, to produce meals o demand, seems to have become a reality now with the use of technology in food preparation. This technology used in the Real-life Star Trek Replicator can be credited to the innovative brains of the Israeli duo, Carasso and Marco employed with White Innovation Company. They came with this idea when they faced a dearth of food delivery options during their late working sessions at office.

A Revolution in Food Technology

Don't underestimate the size and appearance of the Real-life Star Trek Replicator, named as Genie. It may appear like a coffee maker but the Genie can create the food of your fantasy in 30 seconds and can be operated with a mobile app. It's nothing less than a revolution in food technology that the device can produce a variety of meals with the help of pods containing natural, dehydrated and preservative-free ingredients. One of the entrepreneurs, Carasso explains that the dish can be a complete meal of rice and chicken or couscous and vegetable or a dessert such as a chocolate soufflé. Whether it is an appetizer or a salty or sweet dish, or any of your cravings, the device delivers it all. The meals are prepared in a recyclable container serving 140 gram portions.


The pods contain only natural ingredients that are freeze-dried, giving it a long shelf-life of one to two years. Producing a tasty and nutritious meal in a pod may well be a challenge for the chefs and they seem to have accepted it. Israeli chefs are already working diligently on creating new recipes for the pods including gluten free and sugar free pods. The Genie has a great scope to limit wastage of food in restaurants as the meals could be prepared on demand. Marco feels that the Genie is just the beginning and the idea of a complete meal in a pill may just be the natural outcome of the advancement in food technology in the future.


The Genie can be a real Boon

While it's natural to expect the technology to find a market in the western countries, the Israeli team hope the device to be of help in those countries that suffer scarcity of food. They opine that a lot of wastage of food in Western countries can be avoided by creating the pods that can be used in countries where it is required. Since the pods have a longer shelf life minus the preservatives, the people can eat better and healthier food. Marco feels that the Genie could ensure an equitable distribution of food across the world and if this becomes a reality it would be like achieving an important goal. He further opines that the military could use the Genie's pods to an advantage whether on ground or at sea and talks have already been initiated with the Israeli military.


The pods can produce nutritious and fresh meals on demand and seems to be a boon for the forces. The private company, White Innovation, hopes to make its foray in cafes and convenience stores before reaching out to individual users. Work is also on to improve the mobile application to make it more user friendly for the consumers. While the Genie may cost many hundred U.S. dollars, the pods will be competitively priced, comparable to any snack or meal. The distribution and sales is underway on full swing in Europe, the United States and Greece and the team is confident that the mass production will also be underway soon. Looks like the Reel-life Star Trek's replicator is now a Real-life Star Trek Replicator.