Crocs™ - Design Testimonial


Crocs™ - Design Testimonial

The innovator

Luca Faggin, Europe innovation manager Crocs;

"When we first started with our unique clogs, we managed to change the expectations of our customers. Our first and most famous model was different but it looked great and was very comfortable. Ever since the launch of our first clog  we have been innovating, engineering and improving our footwear."

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Stay ahead of your game

"Today we have many different models of Crocs footwear. This achievement has been by thinking of prototyping in a different way. In order to stay ahead of our competition, we must keep developing new products quickly. This is why we have chosen the Bolt 3D Printer for our prototyping department based in Italy."

Advantages of the Bolt

"The Bolt is fitted with a large build volume. Large enough to create prototypes that can be tested for improvement. It also can print many different types of materials, including flexible plastic. In general, 3D printing using flexible material can prove to be difficult, but the advanced Direct Drive of the Bolt controls the flow of the filament expertly through the nozzle."


"Enthusiasm for the Bolt has started to become recognised outside of Crocs innovation department with our international colleagues. We recommend this machine for prototyping purposes in most professional environments."

Leapfrog 3D Printers has created the perfect 3D printer for consistent production for outstanding models and case studies; the Bolt.