Constructeursdag Eindhoven 2017


Constructeursdag Eindhoven 2017

Constructeursdag, a vanguard of Industry 4.0, is a triumph of innovations and modern technologies, and without any doubt it was the exact place where Leapfrog had to be.


Dreamers and innovators, engineers and designers, teachers and students – all these people were engaged and interacting with each other about new technologies, including our advanced machine Bolt Pro. During the event we had the opportunity to talk to people from various business spheres and participate in inspiring lectures dedicated to motivational, practical, and theoretical sides of innovations and technological progress. Besides that, we provided visitors with an opportunity to see, touch and feel 3D printing technologies themselves, to evaluate values that this technology can add to constructions, and also to take a present home – during the event we raffled one of our Creatr HS printers, which now belongs to Haagse Hoogeschool. Congratulations!