2.7 Million 3D Printable Models


2.7 Million 3D Printable Models

At the Materialise World Conference (2015), everyone was talking about streamlining 3D printable models. One of the company's new key objectives is to streamline medical 3D printing practices and model creation. 3D model creation from the models in Trimble's 3D Warehouse, was a particular focus at the conference, where conference-goers were treated to a demonstration of how the company will deploy cloud services to optimize 3D models' printability and accessibility.

An open database of 3D printable models means accessibility for all

Materialise, which has almost 20 years' experience with cutting edge software, is already using its cloud services on their platform, IdeasWorthMaking.com. Excitingly, in the present day, SketchUp's community of designers can now make use of their designs. 3D Warehouse's database, which contains over 2.7 million models, is being used to create STL files in high quality. The 3D models available include those of items made by top brands such as Technion, Formica, Brizo, Bosch, and Natuzzi.

Helping artists and designers through cutting edge software

Stefaan Motte, Materialise's Additive Manufacturing unit's Director of Software, spoke out about this highly awaited new project recently. He said that he hopes that this new open database and Printable feature will help designers and artists to unleash their imaginations. In particular, he encouraged these makers to just let their creativity flow, and not worrying about whether their designs will print. That question, Motte emphasized, is for Materialise's software to sort out for them. He went on to detail the way that Materialse Sketchup has always been promoting innovation in its own right and under the aegis of Trimble.

Launch coming soon: so be prepared

The new database and features are now currently in the beta testing phase at Materialise and 3D Warehouse. A launch of the complete service is in the pipeline for the near future. Once the whole project has been launched, Sketchup's database will constitute one of the world's largest collections of 3D printable models. These will not just be any models, moreover, as the database will include models from popular and functional products.

What is the upshot of this? Owning a 3D printer is looking like an increasingly sensible idea, both for business and individuals. It looks, moreover, like Materialise is going to make streamlining 3D models one of its key focuses for years to come.