• Largest build size in desktop 3D printing
  • Perfect for your business and for education
  • Plug and play within 30 minutes
  • High quality parts, sturdy machine
  • Compatible with a large and increasing range of materials
  • Online support included in purchase price

The Creatr is a reliable, affordable, fully assembled 3D Printer.

A large build size, professional stepper drivers and the construction out of stiff laser-cut aluminium parts are among some characteristics which makes this 3D Printer unique and with which Leapfrog now sets the standard in personal and semi-professional 3D Printers. The linear slides and sliding ball bearings are pre-tensioned to make sure the construction is rigid and most importantly, that there is no difference in theoretical and actual positioning accuracy.

Add to this the great design and you are left with little choice but to get a Creatr!



  • Professional quality and speed made affordable
  • Perfect for rapid prototyping and tool / parts manufacturing
  • Large buildsize
  • Compatible with a large and increasing range of materials

The Xeed is the world’s first 3D Printer which can fully operate stand-alone. The Xeed receives an STL file via email to the onboard tablet, and it does the rest. There is no need to install any additional software or hook up a computer. Just connect the Xeed to the internet through wifi and you’re good to go.

Like the Creatr, the Xeed uses professional opto-coupled stepper drivers which ensure a reliable operation. The push-lock drawer system makes changing of cartridges easy and quick.

The min. layer thickness of 0.05 mm ensures great quality prints.